Our vision

To support individuals with drug addictions and provide them with sustainable patterns and methods to create healthy and nurturing relationship in their environment
Malkishiua teaches by setting examples, provides hope and tools for sustainable rehabilitation, demonstrates how change creates opportunity to pave a new and healthy path, and plays an active role in preventing the expansion of the drug circle

Main activity

The “Neve Malkishua foundation” is an operating unit for physical rehabilitation for youth and young adults. Facilities include youth and adults hostels, educational and therapeutic houses for girls, and a rehabilitation system for drug addicts in the prison system

The hot line 24/7

Malkishua runs an emergency phone service at all times including weekends. The line is operated by a professional staff and is intended for urgent needs and questions only

The hot line (24 hours) :052-3081133

Malkishua- A treatment and rehabilitation center for drugs and alcohol addictions

Educational settings for young