Start from the beginning - physical withdrawal unit

“Start from the beginning” – a physical rehab unit designed for youth and young people suffering from a drug or alcohol problem. The unit is located in a magical landscape on the summit of Mount Gilboa next to the “Malchishua” therapeutic community and has been operating since 2009 under the funding and supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Who can be admitted to the rehab unit?

• Youth and young people up to the age of 30, citizens of the State of Israel, suffering from a drug or alcohol problem.
• Youth and young people in free status, in a welfare order, in a criminal order and as an alternative to detention.
• The unit is not intended for those suffering from dual morbidity.

Who is the treatment team?

The unit has a multi-professional, skilled, dedicated team with extensive experience in the field of addictions.
• Specialist in addiction treatment, psychiatrist, academic nursing staff.
• Social workers, psychologist teachers, and alternative therapists.
• Clean addicted instructors with extensive experience in the field.

What does the treatment include?

• Physical rehab in treatment and medical supervision 24 hours a day.
• Assistance and initial organization on a personal, medical, family and legal level.
• Imparting basic lifestyle habits, while maintaining an agenda.
• Providing initial tools for dealing with complex situations while experiencing the group’s self-management, functioning and tailored sports activities.
• Initial individual and group therapy.
• Imparting basic learning habits.
• Upon successful completion of treatment, build a personal plan for each patient in collaboration with the treating staff, the patient, the family and the referring party.

How long is the treatment?

• Up to 3 months

How much does it cost?

• One-time participation fee of 600 NIS.

The admission process is efficient and fast. And the therapeutic process is done in a professional, warm, embracing approach, accompanied by emotional support with clear boundaries tailored to youth and young people.

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