Specialization in Clinical Psychology

The rehabilitation village in Malkishua is a recognized institution for inpatient clinical specialization.

The review committee of the Association for Public Health Services for the Advancement of Quality of Life has found the Rehabilitation Village as a suitable institution for such internships thanks to the therapeutic and rehabilitative work done at the place, and the community’s ability to be a teaching and key internship for clinical psychology interns.

To specialize in clinical psychology:

04-6488215 | malkishua@malkishua.org.il

The language of the jewel

Hello friends and friendship from Malchishua, an exhibition called “The Language of Jewel” is currently on display at the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem. As part of Malchishua’s collaboration with the museum, men and women will be able to donate their jewelry which will be sold towards the closing of the exhibition in November and the proceeds will be donated to the benefit of Malchishua women and girls.