The “Afik” youth community

Youth Community – Afik, provides a solution for young people aged 17-24, single and without children who are defined as victims of drugs and alcohol and who cannot be treated within the framework of their community of residence.

The treatment is intended for young people with average learning abilities and above, the ability to integrate into a structured framework and study program, with a low level of delinquency (or without a criminal record) and without a psychiatric diagnosis.
The program lasts up to a year and a half – eight to ten months in Malkishua and continues as part of a hostel in the area.

The structure of the program and its length are determined according to the patient's personal situation and on the basis of his abilities, strengths and desires.

The patients in Afik learn and practice managing an independent, structured and functional agenda based on the idea of ​​”self-management” – the young people lead their own lives in the community.
The program teaches effective ways to deal with life difficulties and problem solving.
In addition, ways are learned to prevent stumbling blocks and deal with a social environment that consumes drugs.

Great emphasis is placed on education and learning, the tools for productive and livelihood work in challenging areas such as: guided tours, computer applications, iron crafts, a course of first aid providers and more. Diagnosis of learning disabilities and ADHD by advanced means. These diagnoses and the learning method in small groups allow for professional guidance and help deal with the disabilities. In addition, tailoring a personal curriculum to each patient according to his level, plans and aspirations for the future. The program includes challenging field activities, tours around the country, enrichment classes, music, drama, sports and health education.

The Afik program includes mental health care at the individual level (social work, art therapy, animal therapy, reflexology), family and group.
The treatment of the channel includes psychiatric guidance and counseling if necessary.

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