Youth community

The youth community consists of about 80 boys and girls up to the age of 18, victims of drugs and alcohol, who want to regain the ability to lead a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. The Malchishua youth community team includes caregivers, counselors, teachers, medical professionals and field coordinators who accompany and guide the boys and girls in the various activities.

Input - "Beit Hila" - a unit for diagnosis, observation and short-term treatment

The unit is designed for boys with a background in drug and alcohol use who are unable to lead a healthy lifestyle and have difficulty integrating and succeeding in educational and therapeutic settings. The goals of the unit are: diagnosis and observation, increasing motivation and maturity for treatment, placement and integration of the boys in appropriate therapeutic educational frameworks. The duration of the program is up to three months.

Girls - "Salit House" - long-term care for girls

The house is for girls with a background of drug and alcohol use. The goals of the treatment are: cessation of use and reduction of dangerous behaviors, education for independence and taking responsibility, utilization of learning abilities and development of personal interests, increasing family involvement and acquiring coping skills according to D.B.T principles while imparting a dialectical worldview. The duration of the program is between eight months and a year and a half.

The youth community - "Spark House, Seagull, There is Hope" - long-term care for boys

The treatment in the youth community is based on the principles of the therapeutic community, while adapting to the youth and a unique educational therapeutic approach. In the educational program, emphasis is placed on structured and functional agenda management combined with mental health care at the individual and group level, in the program great emphasis is placed on education and learning. The duration of the program is up to two years.