Adult community

The treatment community for adults is intended for adults aged 18 and over, victims of drugs and alcohol and is located at the top of Mount Gilboa in a magical and relaxing landscape.
The therapeutic community was established in 1990.

The treatment combines four parallel and complementary axes:

• The medical axis
• The therapeutic axis
• The behavioral axis
• The educational-employment axis

The combined treatment gives the patient the necessary tools and skills to function in daily life and the mental resources that enable the beginning of a new path.
Including employment guidance.

In the community, customized programs for different target audiences:

• Drug and alcohol addicts with a criminal record.
• Addicted to alcohol only.
• Have criminal patterns and heavy usage patterns.
• “Light” drug users, with no criminal record – adapted and shortened route.
• For treatment graduates in a therapeutic community who have managed to withstand a significant ‘cleaning’ period – an adapted and shortened route.
Beit Michal – a separate and unique track for addicted women over the age of 18, including mothers.

Each track is led by a social worker and a guide. The patient maintains the bulk of the therapeutic process in an environment of patients with behavioral and usage patterns similar to his own. Along with the encounters with a social worker, the patients receive a wide range of complementary therapies, which help them in the detoxification process and build the mental strength necessary for its preservation.

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