Malkishua was established in 1990 on the joint initiative of the National Authority for the War on Drugs and Alcohol and the Beit She’an Valley Regional Council (now the Springs Valley) and in cooperation with the Ministries of Welfare, Health and Education.

Malkishua’s mission is to support addicts and help them return to life as independent human beings who maintain healthy interactions with their environment.

Malkishua is an example of addicts to treatment graduates and society, gives hope for rehabilitation, change and paving a new path and takes part in activities to prevent the expansion of the circle of addictions. Referrals to the community are received through the court system, welfare workers or a direct personal appeal Apart from the therapeutic communities in the village, the association operates additional frameworks outside it: Hostels for adults and youth, educational-therapeutic homes for girls.

The staff in the village consists of professionals in the following areas:


Specialist psychiatrists, family doctor, dentist and nurses


Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Art Therapists, Animals, Body-Mind


Teachers, educators and vocational education


Social workers and professional counselors

Malkishua administration

Uria Gan – CEO | Shuri Shulav – VP, Organizational Manager

Managers of communities and educational-therapeutic homes

Shai Shapira – Director of the Adult Community
Yosef Horowitz – Director of the Youth Community
Alon Kaplan – Director of the Physical Detoxification Unit “Starting from the Beginning”
Miriam Goldschmidt – director of the “House in the Castle” for girls from religious families

The medical array

The medical system in Malkishua provides high-level health and nursing services with a professional and skilled staff. The team includes doctors and nurses who are experts in the fields of addictions and psychiatry, who provide a response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The clinic staff includes:

Clinic director – specialist family doctor, graduate of an addiction medicine course.
A nursing staff is available 24/7.

In addition to routine care and follow-up of chronic patients, the clinic provides additional services Psychiatric follow-up – adult psychiatrist and child and adolescent psychiatrist.
Treatment of hepatitis C – follow-up by a specialist in gastroenterology.
Local Dental Clinic – First Aid Treatments, Preservative Treatment and Oral Rehabilitation.
Health Education Program – Workshops and personal training on health and hygiene issues.

Neve Malkishua Association

Registered Association No. 580186351
Founded in: 1991.

Neve Malkishua operates therapeutic communities for adults, young people and youth, a unit for physical rehabilitation for youth and young people, hostels and educational-therapeutic frameworks for girls.

Members of the Board of Directors

Yigal Shachar – Chairman, Nitzan Aviran, Gila Kaplan, Moshe Peled, Avigdor Moshe, Dr. Yossi Assaf.