Women's Community - House Michal

The women’s community was opened in 2010 out of a learning recognition of the unique needs of this population and out of a desire to mobilize and provide an appropriate response to women aged 18 and over who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The unit consists of: “Michal House” and “Hostel for Women” which constitute a comprehensive treatment sequence and also operate as independent units – units that receive women who are weaned from other communities and treatment centers.

Rationale of the treatment plan in the "Unit for the Treatment of Women" - the integration of women in the normative life On the personal, son-personal and social level.

The treatment set-up at Beit Michal is based on the d.b.t method, a modern treatment method based on a combination of ideas from the behavioral-cognitive therapy combined with the dialectical worldview. The model allows the development of skills of interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, frustration control and self-awareness. The model is applied through the learning group, individual therapy according to the principles of the db.t. meditation practice aimed at awareness and acceptance and filling a personal diary.

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