The research unit

The research unit – the unit for the study of addictions, is a joint initiative of the Neve Malchishua Association and the University of Haifa. The steering committee of the unit was composed in collaboration with relevant government ministries.

The unit works to encourage academic research to promote the effectiveness and usefulness of interventions in addiction victims. Examination of broad theoretical questions for the purpose of advancing academic knowledge, clinical and pre-clinical studies in which Malchishua serves as the research field will be conducted with full adherence to the preservation of the rights of the residents and the rehabilitative goals of the place. The research unit will work to strengthen the connection between the academy and the therapeutic field through the integration of graduate students in what is happening in the village. To the research unit:

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Drugs - general background

Behavioral Addictions – Behavioral addictions among substance abusers, clinical challenges

Effects of longing for latent cognitive mechanisms involved in risk behaviors: Can dialectical behavioral therapy in a therapeutic community change?

What to do?

Place – a site that contains a list of aid organizations for casualties.

Elam – a site that provides access to theoretical material, referrals to caregivers and a forum for questions and online consultations.

Drugs – general background

National Authority for the War on Drugs and Alcohol – a large and recommended site that contains details on the types of drugs and how they are consumed, the effects of the various drugs, links and a glossary.

Medicine – a link to the website of the Physicians’ Federation. Article on the mental and physical risks of consuming marijuana, cannabis and cannabis products.

Malchishua – Breakthrough research in the treatment of addictions

Activation of an acute inpatient drug rehab unit (inpatient) in a therapeutic community to increase the efficiency of rehabilitation processes: a long-term comparative pioneer study