Women community

The women community was established in 2010 after learning and recognizing the unique needs of that sector and out of the necessity to provide proper services for women over 18 years old suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The unit is compiled of “Beit Michal’ and a “women hostel” and provides a holistic treatment series. It also operates independently – revives rehabilitating women from other communities and care centers.
The basic goal of “The women care unit” is to integrate the women into a society on a personal, interpersonal, and social levels.

The therapeutic arrangement in Beit Michal is based on the- D.B.T method; an up to date treatment method based on combining ideas from a behavioral-cognitive therapy style combined with the dialectic world view.
The model allows for the development of interpersonal efficiency skills, emotional regulation, frustration control, and self awareness. The model is applied by the learning group, D.B.T personal sessions, practice of meditation directed for self awareness and acceptance and with keeping a personal diary.


Women community : 052-4533708