Adult community

The adult therapeutic community is intended for adults over 18 years of age with drug and alcohol abuse issues and is located up on mount Gilboa in a calming magical landscape. The therapeutic community was established in 1990.

Treatment is compiled in parallel with the following four elements:

  • The medical line
  • The theoretical line
  • The behavioral line
  • The educational-occupational line
  • The combined treatment offers the patient with all the necessary tools and skills for effective daily function and the mental resources that would allow paving of a new path. The treatment includes occupational advisement.

    The community offers personal adjusted programs for different types of patients:

    • Individuals inflicted with Drug and alcohol abuse and with a criminal record
    • Alcohol abuse patients
    • Heavy users with criminal patterns and hard drugs abuse
    • "Lighter” drugs users with no criminal record - an adjusted short course
    • Relapsed graduates of the therapeutic community that completed a significant “clean” period - adjusted short course
    • "Michal House” - a separate unique treatment course for women over 18 years of age, including mothers.


    Adult community: 052-4533708

    Each course is directed by a social worker and a facilitator. The patient goes through most of the process surrounded with other patients with similar use and behavior patterns as themselves. Alongside the meetings with the social worker, the patients receive a wide variety of alternative treatments that assist with the rehabilitation process and helps build the necessary mental strengths required to preserve their health.