The “Afik”-Horizon youth community

The “Afik” youth community provides care for young adults between 17-24 years old, unmarried and without children that cannot be treated in their own residences.
This service is intended for youth with average and above average learning capabilities, with the ability to adjust to structured framework and study courses, with minor or no criminal record, and without a psychiatric evaluation. The program lasts up to 18 months. 8-10 months in Malkishua and the rest is in a hostel in the nearby area.

The length and structure of the program is determined by the individuals’ condition based on their abilities, will, and desire to succeed.

The subjects in the “Afik” learn and practice how to manage a structured daily routine based on a “self managing” principle. The youth manage their life in the community on their own.
In the program they learn effective problem solving ways when dealing with difficulties in their lives.
In addition, reinforcements are taught to help avoid relapse into a drug consuming social surrounding.

We emphasize education and learning that qualify for productive and meaningful activities in challenging fields such as: Tour Guiding, Computer Science, Blacksmith course, Life Saving First Response and more. We perform tests for learning deficiencies, attention deficit disorder by utilizing advanced methodologies. These tests and methodologies are geared towards small learning groups and provide professional support and guidance with dealing with these deficiencies. In addition we build an individual learning program for each discipline according to their level, plans, and aspirations. The programs are made up of: extreme outdoor activities, field trips around the country, art, music, drama, sports, and health education.


The “Afik”-Horizon youth community: 04-6488230 / 052-4533708

The “Afik” program includes psychotherapy on a personal level (social care worker, art therapy, therapy using animals, reflexology) at the family level and group level. The program also includes psychiatric advisement and escort as needed.