The youth community

The youth community has about 80 boys and girls (ages up to 18 years old) with drugs and alcohol abuse issues which desire to regain the ability to maintain a healthy meaningful life.
The crew at Malkishua’s youth community includes therapists, instructors, teachers, medical personnel, and activity facilitators that guide and instruct the boys and girls in various activities.

Kelet- ”Beit Hilla” – A diagnosis, observation, and short term treatment unit

The unit is intended for young boys with drugs and alcohol abuse who are unable to lead a healthy lifestyle and are having difficulties integrating successfully into educational and therapeutic structures.
The unit’s goals are: diagnosis and observation, increase motivation and maturity levels for treatment, placing and integrating the boys into suitable educational-therapeutic programs. The program lasts up to three months

Girls- ”Beit Sali’it”- Long term treatment unit for young girls

The house is intended for young girls with drugs and alcohol abuse issues. The treatment goals are: stop the use of drug substances and reduce dangerous behaviors, promote education for sense of independence thus taking personal responsibility, maximizing learning potential and development of personal interest in learning, increase involvement in family life and acquiring skills of coping by D.B.T principles while acquiring a dialectic point of view. The program lasts between 8 to 18 months.

The Nitzotz “sparkle house. Shahaf ,seagle, Yesh Tikva – there is hope” youth community- a long term care unit for boys.

The treatment in the youth community is based on principles of therapeutic community adjusted to teenagers with a unique educational therapeutic approach. The emphasis is towards structured functional daily routines combined with both personal and group mental and emotional therapies. The focus is on learning and education. The program lasts up to 2 years.


The youth community – 04-6488226