The variety of our educational programs.

  • A day seminar-addiction prevention and treatment- the objective of the seminar, exposing the existing methods of treatment we use in the village and getting to know the tools of the therapeutic community model and the spirit of the therapeutic approach in the village, to inspire team coperation and suitability to the relevant frame work. During the day seminar we will meet a panel of experts representing the village in fields of: therapy, education, instruction, medicine and a talk with one of the tenants of the village. We will also take a tour in the work felicities and professional education classes and get to know the daily life there. Duration 2.5 -5 hours-groups up to 50 people.
  • "Steps for life”- an exposure class on the 12 steps method. The 12 steps method is a spiritual approach to creating change and dealing with the addiction decease, which was founded and introduced to the world initially at 1935 and has developed into a moving, significant universal language, that offers a method to dealing with emotional and social problems that are not related only to addictions. The class will will lead the group (leaded by one of our instructors) into the spirit of the steps through personal and group exercises of writing, guided imagination and therapeutic cards while combining texts and poems inspired by the literature of the 12 steps method. Duration-1.5 to 2 hours. Intended for groups of up to 40 people.
  • "The strings bridge”- a music and improvisation workshop - a group workshop of active listening, team work and communication through music. In the workshop the group will experience exercises from the worlds of rhythm, improvisation and sound in a experiential group session that will allow the group to take part in a process of creating a fun and empowering musical piece. No musical knowledge is required. The workshop is guided by the village music instructor who in his work in Malkishua is combining the musical world in a therapeutic-e educational way. Duration- 1.5 to 2 hours intended for groups up to 25 people.
  • "Light in the soul from making art”- arts and crafts workshops - in the villages “Orba” site the boys and girls are working with a wide variety of materials and techniques(drawing, mosaics, wood searing, vase decoration, vase molding, stone building, baking in a mud oven and more) . The “Orba” is located in an orchard by a natural tree grove with fish pools running water and birds singing in the trees, making a perfect surrounding for the patients to relax connect to their emotions and give themselves to the creative process.
  • "Mosaic stones”- group creation process in which the group will exposed to a decorative and spectacular art form and receives basic knowledge in the art of mosaic making. In the making of the mosaic each participant creates a piece of the whole and when all the pieces are put together they get a full spectrum work.
  • Colorful sand mandalas workshop”- its a workshop of quiet meditative nature in which each participant receives a board with a basic mandala pattern already on it and sprinkles colored sand on it making hisher own original mandala. The workshop is guided by a mosaic artist, painter and a licensed art teacher. Throughout the workshop the participant shares hisher therapeutic progress in Malkishua with the group. Duration-1.5 to 2 hours. The workshop is intended for groups up to 15 people.
  • "Fall down and rise again”- musical show - a show made from songs and stories about dealing with the hardships of the teenagers life,the price of escape and making the right choices in life. The show is based on true life stories of the villages tenants and shows the audience the strength and powers of those that choose life! The show is delivered in a down to earth manner and is followed by an open discussion with the preforming artists who are also veteran guides in Malkishua. Duration-estimated 1.5 hours. Open to all group sizes.
  • A variety of outdoor cooking workshops - an experiential, exiting, empowering and group building workshop (it may be also tasty but that depends on the groups success). We have compounds designed for operating cooking workshops of various types, which includes all of the necessary means, gear and supplys to perform in the field.
  • Nevigation and survival activities - leaning outdoors skills, navigation, fire making, outdoors cooking, water storing and more. Duration-1 to 3 days
  • Rappelling Abseiling activity - rappelling is an exiting activity that requires dealing with and overcoming fear, builds trust and empowers the feeling of success
  • Hiking - going on hikes with different tasks to complete on different difficulty levels, with educational explanations on relevant topics such as: Geology, Flora and Founa, settlements in the biblical times and in modern day and more.

Malkishua is a nonprofit organization and charges no taxes of our activities are insured
and being led by professional certified guides of their field.
For any questions please contact us – Phone 052-2439176, Tel/Fax 077-9520258