Links and profesional articles

Drugs - general background

  • The national commity for the war on drugs and alcohol - a recommended large website that contains description on the types of drugs and ways of using it, the effect of the different drugs, links (mainly to world websites) and a users vocabulary (from the users language- roach, spliff, bud, hash and more).
  • The center for educational technology - a direction to facts intended for adolescence that consume marijuana and their parents.
  • The medicine - a link to the doctors commity website. An article about the mental and physical risks of consuming marijuana,hashish and cannabis products.

Drugs cloture

  • Addiction - an animated clip describing the addiction process.

What to do?

  • Place - a website including a list of aid organizations for addicts.
  • Elem - a website provided excess to reading materials, treatment professionals,and an online forum for questions and consultations.