"The house in the field”

The house in “Sde Eliyahu”- is intended for ‘Chasut Hanoar” program’s graduates ages 18 years and older and it is located in kibbutz Sede Eliyahu (Elyahu field) in the Spring Valley.

The girls of The house in “Sde Eliyahu” are integrated into the national service, “ Tsalash Program” , army service, at work in the kibbutz, and the area.

The girls enjoy services that are provided to the kibbutz members: 3 meals a day in the kibbutz’s dining area, use of the laundry service, library, swimming pool, cultural activities, classes and so forth.

Each girl is “adopted” by a family in the kibbutz which makes for a warm supportive home front.

The girls can live in the house for up to 2 years, a period long enough to allow a safe and quiet preparation for independent life.


“The house in the field”: 052-7951144 – Miryam Goldshmith