The house in "tirat zvi"-a home for young girls from religious families

The house in “tirat zvi” is a program for young girls aged 14-18 from orthodox and religious communities and is located in kibbutz Tirat Tzvi,in the Valley of Springs.
We believe that the bridge to each girl lies in real significant interpersonal connection. The main principle that leads our house’s perspective is tailoring a “personal suite” adjusted for each girl that includes emotional, behavioral, and educational respond.

The house is accompanied by a devoted therapeutic team including a girls social worker trained in family care as well, and therapists in: art, therapeutic horseback riding, animal therapy, reflexology, and a children and youth psychiatrist. The house uses the D.B.T language – a behavioral dialectic therapy.

The girls are provided with a personal educational program to complete 12 years basic school diploma and also for the full matriculation tests. Some of the girls are integrated into the local high schools.

It is important for us to empower the girls in a variety of fields: musical classes in singing and musical instruments, art, movement, theater, gym and more. The girls are integrated in practicing classes in the local community center or in groups that are provided by the house itself.
The girls end up volunteering in the local community and are highly praised and appreciated.

Applications to the house are received through a youth law social worker, family social worker or a girl’s social worker


The house in “tirat zvi”-a home for young girls from religious families: 04-6078737
– Miryam Goldshmith