"Beit Snunit”- an educational-therapeutic home for teenage girls

“Beit Snunit” -is intended for young girls at risk aged 14-18 who have experienced hard distress and have been rejected from the educational system

The home is located in kibbutz Kfar Rupin in the Valley of Springs in the midst of a pleasant and accepting community.

The educational-therapeutic program allows for a supporting and empowering bond with the house crew with the placement and focus of clear boundaries.

The girls relearn social values and develop their independence with the “stages program” which accompanies their personal development over a number of years until graduation. The treatment promotes discovery of their strengths and significantly improves their outlook and possibility to return to normal social life.

We develop a personal program for each girl with specific concrete targets in all walks of life that combines her ambitions and talents.

During the first year of the program, schooling takes action in a small and intimate class that provides catching up with the curriculum, improvement of learning skills, and preparation to integrate into regular high school. During the second year there is a possibility to integrate into the local high school.

The professional crew includes experienced female instructors and social worker volunteers that accompany the girls throughout the duration of their stay.

The theoretic method is based on the -D.B.T method. An up to date treatment method based on combining ideas from the behavioral-cognitive therapy style combined with the dialectic world view.
The model allows the development of interpersonal efficiency skills, emotional regulation, frustration control, and self awareness. The model is applied by the learning group ,D.B.T personal sessions, practice of meditation directed for self awareness and acceptance and with keeping a personal diary.

The girls are directed into the program through the welfare offices and various diagnostic systems. The program is supervised by “Chasut Hanoar”


“Beit Snunit”- an educational-therapeutic home for teenage girls: 052-5597759