A new page in life- physical withdrawal unit

A new page in life- A physical withdrawal unit for youth with drugs and alcohol issues.
The unit resides overlooking magical view on the top of mount Gilboa along side the Malkishua therapeutic community. It was established in 2009 and is funded and supervised by the Health Department of Israel.

Who can be accepted to the withdrawal unit?

Youth and young adults up to the age of 30, Israeli citizens who are dealing with drug or alcohol abuse.
Youth and young adults on their own will, due to social service order, criminal order or as a substitute to incarceration.
The unit is not intended for those who are in a state of multiple addictions

Who makes up the treating crew

Multiple highly professionally trained dedicated and experienced crew personnel.
A specialist addictions doctor, a psychiatrist, an academic nursing crew.
Social workers, a teacher psychologist and alternative medicine practitioners.
Highly experienced former addicts instructors

What does the program include

Physical withdrawal under medical supervision around the clock
Assistance in adjusting to personal, medical, family, and legal issues.
Instilling basic life habits with emphasis on a daily routine
Instilling primal tools for dealing with complex situations while experiencing group self managing, proper functioning and adopting sports activities.
Initial personal and group treatment.
Instilling basic learning skills upon successful graduation of the program.
A personalized plan for the future is designed for each participant in conjunction with the participant’s instructor, family, and the authority involved in the legal process

How long does the program last?
Up to three months

How much does it cost?

One time participation fee of 600 NIS


Hot Line(24/7): 052-3081133
A new page in life- physical withdrawal unit 04-6488224

The registration process is fast and efficient. The treatment is conducted with a professional warm embracing approach with emotional support using strict and clear limits intended for teenagers and youth.