"Chavat Hashiloni” the Shiloni farm- a social factory

Clean is in our nature – is the key to the success of the Malkishua organic greenhouse which is loyalty nurtured by the hard working youth community of Malkishua. The connection between Malkishua and the “Chavat Hashiloni” is natural and necessary basis of human happiness lies in the physical emotional spiritual health of the person,and from here the connection between the development and production of healthy products from nature to to the therapeutic community is natural and works very well. In the arm we emphasize respect for all man, the bond between man and nature, and as important-opening new doors in life.

Our brands product, Israeli developed, is the Sprout Maker- a device for growing sprouts at home. Sprouts are in fact the plants stem cells, rich with vitamins and minerals and quickly absorbed in the body. This unique product gives the option to grow sprouts everywhere in the world,in all types of weather and provides a healthy and whole diet. The sprout maker is organic, ecofriendly and the lead is made from recycled bottles. The package is an integral part of the device and is used to make the sprouts,the device can be used many times.

Another unique product is the branded bags containing seeds inside that is given as a greeting card to customers in direct mailing and after a few months becomes a blooming flower planter or a lovely garden.

All of the line workers and work managers are rehabilitated former addicts. Their work is a key component in their recovery and return to normative life. The rehabilitated workers acquire work ethics, work routine,cleaning habits, maintaining order,keeping times, and of course safety regulations when working with the packaging machines . Dry and cool weather provides optimal production conditions. The factory resides in a building provided by “Mifa’al Hapais” as a center for professional training.